Playtesters needed. Please provide input.

Hello Flowlab crew,
I’ve gotten through the “proof of concept” phase on my new work in progress:

Protector of the Purple Dunes (working title)

Please take a look at the first few levels and let me know what you think of the game play, navigation, graphics, etc. I want to compile some feedback before I dive into the next phase of development. Read through the production notes below and give me your suggestions.

The game is based heavily on a classic arcade game called Crossbow and I’m using the game play elements from that and mixing it up a bit and adding some new twists. Right now it’s basically a clone of Crossbow and I haven’t added any upgrades yet (But I have made the concept work: See Card System Expansion notes below).

The theme is currently a sort of sci-fi fantasy adventure, sort of like Dune or Flash Gordon or The Dark Tower series, where characters from multiple dimensions link up “Wizard of Oz” style to defeat some nameless Lovecraftian cosmic evil.

The current playable levels are the “outskirts,” but they will eventually lead to ruins and abandoned cities, temples, megaliths, catacombs, etc with a major boss battle at the end.

What I need from you:
-General comments on current navigation, bugs, quirks, user interface, etc. It’s still buggy and I am open to suggestions on how to optimize the code before I copy it to 20 more levels. Some of the code is unfinished. Some of it leads to empty levels. That’s just where I’m at right now as a work in progress.

-Suggestions for enemies, hazard concepts, allies (looking for “guest character” cameos from other Flowlab games here!). Right now every level runs the same enemy game pattern (boulders, flies, snek) but eventually these will ramp up in difficulty as the game progresses (or if you run through the same level multiple times). Enemy speed, frequency, variety, pattern, etc will change on each level and have multiple levels and possible “backwards” travelling right to left on some levels.

-I developed a Card Game system for this as well and have some vague ideas of being able to lay down a series of cards and have those effect the characters as they go across the screen: Causing them to make an attack, duck, jump or use a “special” ability. I made the card that causes Hanoj to swing the sword which will protect him from enemies his sword collides with. I have placed some cards on the BADLANDS level that will activate this test concept. you would eventually be able to deal these out before the level started to help your companions.

-Let me know what you think. Now is the time for input before I start cranking out bad guys next week. I’m thinking flaming skulls and weird tentacle monsters, shadow creatures, etc.

I like the concept!! One thing I would add however is maybe making the shooting more difficult. Design it so that you’re firing arrows at the enemies, maybe you have a limited number or some objects take multiple hits. Also maybe add gravity on the arrows to make it even more difficult. Can’t wait to see what you do with this game.

Thanks @“my_name (<_>)” the original arcade game was a light gun mechanism which would have added that extra difficulty element. I have things set REALLY slow right now, but subsequent levels will have multi hit enemies and faster patterns, so maybe that will do.

Do you still need “playtesters”, @todorrobot ? I’ll be open in my review.

@rcreger yeah! Go for it. I put some work into it today and things are crazy bananas right now (multiple spawning enemies on the first level, which it is not supposed to do, but cant be fixed until I work out the level controllers, so be warned!) Im planning to put some more work tomorrow or Monday adding enemies and have started drawing new level backgrounds.

Tell you what @todorrobot , I will wait till you get whatever is wrong fixed, and then you can give the word and I will go ahead and review it. I don’t think it’ll be fair to review it when something isn’t going to plan. So good luck, and thanks!

EDIT: You can just submit the game in my review when you’re ready.