Please check out my game and give me some Feedback!

Give me some feedback on what I should add or Remove!

This is based on the Kerbal Space Program (KSP)

In the Flowlab Program (FLP) you can:

  • build a Car or a Rocket.
  • use parts in your build bar to place in the build-zone

Game Link

Check out my YT channel as well!
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I haven’t really seen anything like this on flowlab before. good job!

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Tysm, @F3Art

Make sure to look at Drsqueenbenicheen’s version (original):

Hmmm how do you use the parts?

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@F3Art are you able to download these?

I can’t so can you put all of them in a new object called “music” so I can check them out? (in DoM of course)

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I dom’t think you’re on the music discussion @Ramshacklegamestudios

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wow that was weird…

I was on the Decimation of mankind music discussion and when I posted the comment it posted here

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i know i almost did that one time