Please forgive me

I have been really rude and obnoxious I just want to be a popular person on and help many people

So Im very sorry and please support me and stuff so yeah sorry

@GrimProductionZ I’m not one for holding grudges so yeah I will forgive you as long as you don’t do this again

Ok sorry bruh me made a big oopsie

I can forgive you for your outburst, but this has already happened before, so try not to let it happen again.

Sorry I made a big oopsie also the first time about pixel pizza that was true facts

What was “true facts”?

Yes it was

I was asking you a question on what you called “true facts”.

Please just stop, is it that hard all of this happened long ago so stop bring up the past and look forward to them future, sure I made some bad mistakes but we all do and Im ashamed of what Ive done and wont do it again.

@“JR 01”, he was talking about an incident months ago when he discredited PixelPizza for his popularity. He is apologizing for that and another outburst he had on a recent discussion. We were forgiving him for his actions on this discussion (as long as it doesn’t happen again).

mom found the poopsock :dissapointed:

Yes this is what this is about


Yes but I’m confused what he is claiming as facts for I dont remember him saying anything that is a “fact”. So I dont understand the apology from my point of view.

“Sorry I made a big oopsie also the first time about pixel pizza that was true facts
I don’t know what you mean here^

And if you’re apologizing about the “Facts” that you agree with still, it sounds like this to me :
“Sorry for what I said, but I’m still right.”

I need clarifications to what he’s claiming that was “facts” about PixelPizza,
and I don’t know what exactly I’m/we are forgiving him for.

The facts are @PixelPizza does does not work on older games he only makes games for flow jams and if people pay him to thats true facts and there is no way you can tell me its not cuz it is ok now can we plz stop arguing an get over the past plz.

@GrimProductionZ @“JR 01” I feel like the only two respectable people on flowlab are ripping each other’s heads off. @ManiacPumpkin @“JR 01” don’t tell me to back off, I’d rather you hate me than each other.
@“JR 01” not everyone is perfect, believe it or not. The fact that he apologized in the first place shows signs of growth. Don’t shut it down because he’s not a perfect as you. I know you don’t think that way, but it’s how you sound.
@GrimProductionZ you always have to have the last say. Let it go, and not with an explanation or retort. Just let it go!

@GrimProductionZ - I’m happy to hear that you’re thinking about your communication style. Judging by the games you’ve been working on so far, you have talent and can definitely be an asset to the community going forward.

I’m going to close this thread, and we can call the matter settled and move on.