Please Help Me Transfer a Game

I saw a help request about this but it looks a bit old and I’m not sure if it will be recognized anymore. I heard that a user @grazer has helped people in the past with this. Grazer, if you are out there and can help, there is a game I have on my school account that I would like transferred to this account writing this. I would like it transferred so I don’t lose it and can continue working on it. Here is the game that I would like transferred, if you are able to.

Hey, Im not grazer, but i can help you out!
While saving sprites isnt really a possiblity, you can copy/paste code!
Use the select all button on code you want to save, and then copy it into any other project

Grazer can indeed help transfer games, you might have to wait a bit before he notices you.

I know grazer is a bit more strict on transferring games into an account if you don’t have indie. Since you only have a max of 3 games per account.

There have been many requests for this and since Grazer is usually busy outside of the forums a lot, it may be better to submit a help ticket or request from the website. Should be a little button on the bottom right on your games page.

You will need a verified email that he can contact you back and I think he’s more likely to see the email than just a message or tag on the forums.

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Saving sprites is possible though, not sure what you’re saying? Though maybe things are different on student accounts.

If Grazer does transfer your games KriticalKitKat97, he’ll likely ask for the other accounts as well to confirm that it’s yours :+1:

Hey @KriticalKitKat97 - I’m not sure exactly what the situation is, but if you have a student account that you are afraid to lose, your best bet is to ask your teacher to “unlink” your account, which will convert that account to a free version and give you control over it.