Please help me with HP

So, as some of you might know, I’m working on a game called Vironia. I’m working on simple HP for the player object (Vora). Here are some screenshots of the code I have:

When the player dies the HP number goes past 0:

And, once the player gets hit on the next life, he dies in one hit since the HP number is a negative. I just barely got past fixing an infinite loop error that might’ve destroyed my game trying to fix the HP.
I think it has something to do with the behaviors not re-setting when the player dies.

These are the death behaviors. They contain no 'Restart level.'

Since the death behaviors don’t contain Restart Level, the behaviors don’t re-set when the player dies. My help request is this: I need a way for the HP number to reset when the player dies.

My team member is away so he cannot help.

Thank you,

Filter, less than or equal to 0. Quite simple you don’t need all that code pass will restart the level and fail will output it into a bar.


I said,

Pass → 0 → global/number → health amount

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Could you please send a screenshot? I am quite confused and don’t know what output or input use on each behavior.

Never mind, I fixed it.

Cool bug that I saw while editing the level fading:

The main reason I didn’t want to use ‘Restart level’ is because the game contained a really cool fading object that made the screen fade when the player died and when the game started.

I made the restart level happen after the screen fades, easy.


Cool, sorry I didn’t respond I was at work

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