Please help me.

I need help with making an online game.

  1. how to make it online
  2. different servers- are they possible?
  3. if so how do I make each player look different?
  4. I also need help with shop
    the game is called lost. title screen has a yellow sword on it.
  1. To make an online multiplayer game, head to the game settings and change the max player limit. If it is higher than 1, then the game will become and online multiplayer game. See the multiplayer handbook for more information.
  2. Technically yes. Whenever more people play a multiplayer game then the limit allows, a certain instance of the game is created. For example, if a game allows a max of 3 players and there are 5 people playing, then 3 players will be playing in Instance 1, and the other 2 will be playing in Instance 2. Again, check the handbook for more info.

As for the last two questions, you should search up some example games to help you out there.

ok. thanks! you helped alot. me and my friends give thanks. if you participate in flowjam hope you win!

For the different servers, I don’t know about that. But you could just make different rooms in the game and use a filter to check if there are too many people in a room.