Please Help Me!

I Know Max Had Already Talked About This But I Need A Example Game For This. How Do You Make A Guy Shoot A Gun AND How Do You Make It So He Only Shoots When The Gun Is Picked Up. Please Make A Example Game For This!

to shoot, use an emitter:

  1. Create a “bullet” object
  2. Add an “Emitter” behavior to your player, and select the “bullet” object, slide the force up little bit so that it is traveling with some speed immediately
  3. Trigger the emitter with a key press trigger

Then, to make it only work after you pick up an item, add a switch between the key press trigger and the emitter, and turn it off. When you pick up a gun, turn that switch on. There are lots of examples on here of picking stuff up, like keys and coins.

If you run into trouble post the URL of your game and someone can take a look and help you out.

I would use attachments for guns instead of animations.

Alright Umm Still Having Trouble Why Cant You Just Post A Example Of This[Shooting]?

it will be easier for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


like a example game