I need to know how to make a timer, my game is like you need to get all the coins and then when your done the timer stops and you see how long it took… here’s the link :slight_smile:

look at this

Thank you! I’mma see if it works

Look for yourself …

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 6.42.44 PM

sorry and change the 0 to a 10 my bad but i know this works

ok …


like this?

no. change that zero to a ten

i know i said that jngthree

oh right sorry

it just stays in nine see?

you have to have the timer repeat forever

What?! Repeat forever? You really confuse me … :confused:

Click on the timer and click the button that says reaper forever

its pretty out there

Thank for your help…Everyone …

What? No, it’s not working properly because you don’t have a trigger connected to the Start input of timer lol.

Don’t forget to click on behaviors to see their properties, so you can tick this “repeat” box.