my game ^

Im trying to get it to allow the player to select which character they want, then if they click it will destroy the other character so it wont go to the next level with the one they selected, but it wouldn’t destroy the other one, so after that didn’t work, I decided to cut them off from the other side of the character select level, so that they HAD to go through the corresponding door, and the corresponding door would send THAT character to the next level, but that didn’t work either, im a noob at this… PLEASE HELP ME to (i left the destroy command there)

alright… I got the player destroy thing to work… Now I having trouble with scolling

I did it in my game fyi it takes a ton of messages

A player select screen? I’ve made tons of those. As a matter of fact, I just now thought of the best way to make one. I’ll post a screenshot in a little while.

Here you go. I’ve done character selects in previous games, like Xediga Vade, but they were always different and much more difficult to do. Luckily I know flowlab logic well enough to instantly come up with newer ways to do stuff.
New Bitmap Image 2

Thanks guys!!!

Very nice Mhx - why didn’t I think of that? :slight_smile: