Please Help: Object respawn

I’m trying to make a specific object respawn in the same exact spot once destroyed . The I have it set up at the moment has the object respawning at the upper right hand side instead of input values

if the object gets destroryed send a message to spwaner that makes it spawn.

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The object is being destroyed before its spawned

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Thank you both! I will give that a shot!

set the x and y inputs on the spawn behavior, right now it’ll just go to (0, 0).

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Still popping up at 0/0 instead of 21/7. Can someone look at the photo and give me some direction please. Thank you very much!


Flowlab goes by 32x32 pixels. 1 grid square tile on your game is 32x32 pixels. The spawn behavior and almost every behavior with positions uses pixels. Either use a calculator online to find what 32 times whatever values you have, or use two expressions, multiplying the value by 32 and then outputting into the spawn behavior.

The difference between the spawn behavior and the position behavior is that the position behavior has an option (if clicked) to go by grid tiles instead of pixels, but its default is pixels.


You are setting the number values, not getting them.


Based on the description, you basically want the block to reset after its done with the animation.
To do it your way, you just need to extract the x and y of where it’s at and set it to spawn.

But another way to do this is to not delete it and just reset it after it gets hit by the fireball.


Wow guys, thank you so much! I appreciate the help!

Ah yes, and that :slight_smile: