Please Help! Trouble with Alert blocks...

Hi guys, I’m A FlowLab “Expert”, and I just can’t get this working… I’m trying to re-make the game “ClickHead”, and i want to make it so when you click on the block that says “PLAY!!” it makes this alert pop-up, but when it shows the alert it doesnt let me click… here’s the game:
Please let me know what iv’e done wrong…

Guys please help!?!?

Found your problem
You have the button under the alert button. My guess is that it keeps looping. Moving the help button fixes the problem.

Thank You, Issue Solved!

@yanninanny please don’t call yourself an expert. You have only just joined flowlab. You have lots to learn as far as I’m aware.


Quotation marks, no need to get uptight about anything.

@browngr the fact that i’m new doesnt mean i dont know anything about the platform. in fact this is my 2nd account, i made a new one because i am not able to pay for flowlab and wanted to make more games. i’ve been using flowlab from the very start of the platform.

@yanninanny I was about to ask you to please not post on dead threads, this one is from four months ago, the I realized it was YOUR OWN THREAD, I am much more impressed then annoyed that you would return four months later with a comeback

@yanninanny can I see proof of that account. Your info about yourself is saying you are going to help people but I’ve never seen you do that. I know this thread is old but people just started commenting on it.