please help

so i have a windows 10 and for some reason it cant run flowlab anymore if anyone has some suggestions i would love to here them cause i just want to make games again

What does it do when you get to the website?
Or is it the games dont load?

it gets really slow so i cant edit anything

@“JR 01”

Does this only happen when you edit games or does it happen when you play them too?
Do you have anything else running on the computer or have a lot of tabs open up top?

both. and i have nothing running. it worked before. but lately my sister borrowed my computer and went on this website like idk and downloaded a web browser extention so i think she downloaded a virus so if theres like a app that can remove viruses. id like to hear it

and shes 13

Yeah, Bitdefender is a really good one thats free. I just dont use it cause it locks certain tools for advance window users like me (or it use to, I gave them feedback for it last year). Before you download this, type in “Security” in your windows task bar and run the basic Windows Scan. Window antivirus can help, its just not… good, so I still suggest downloading Bitdefender afterwards.

@SAWYER I recommend going to your files and deleting everything that’s recent, ESPECIALLY web extensions. Those are sams.

If your an advance user, I recommend the Control Panel and Task Manager.
Other than that, I recommend the Bitdefender.

i deleted everything and i had bitdefender before but it couldnt run on her

so do you think that should be a meme?

No, did that fix your problem?

Bitdefender should work if its Windows 10

well this is a windows xp as well. i just upgraded it

so idk