Please help!

I am having trouble with making it so the character can hit his sword when you press the spacebar. What happened was the game went REALLY laggy and when I pressed spacebar the character would stop then when I released the spacebar he would keep walking like normal. I tried various methods but to no avail. Please Help! :frowning:

there is no script for it to do that

try making an invisible bullet that shoots out as far as the sword is long

I don’t see any sword swing when when I hit space bar. Maybe just make a sword swing animation, and play it when you hit the space bar. You could also have a switch that is on when you swing, and off otherwise - if the switch is on then damage the enemy.

Sorry I took out the spacebar sword hit because it was lagging the game too much to test out. I’ll put it back in.

It isn’t lagging anymore! YAY! But I still need help with making it kill the enemy. Can you please help me @grazer

Hello I forgot to mention, the game is made to have different game styles. Each level is a different game so you have to go on Quest Example to see what i’m talking about. Sorry! XD