Please Help!

Ok, so i’ve recently been making a game called, Truckster Clust, basically a 2D parody of Cluster Truck which im guessing most people know of, and if you dont know well a small summary is: you have to jump across trucks to get to the finish line. So basically idk if its a glitch or i did something, but the trucks will sometimes/frequently get stuck on the ground while moving and it is really ruining the whole flow of the game, so hopefully there’s a way to fix it, if you know how please tell me. If there isnt a way to fix it, i’ll probs just give up on the game.

maybe because it’s a rectangle?
This happened to me a couple of times in, but I fixed it. But I forgot what the source was.

Ok so what shape would be suitable for it? @Luminous700

idk… but the truck gets slower and lags, sometimes stops when the player’s on it
otherwise, I have no clue

unless the wheels on the trucks are not good hitboxes…

@Luminous700 ok well thanks anyways

this game is really cool i like it but try to make a new lvl that will be great

@henf25 try capsule

The problem is that the truck is a rectangle, and the ground blocks are squares - so sometimes the corner of a truck will be caught on the corner of a ground block. The trucks have to be rectangles, or else the player couldn’t ride on them without falling off.

Here are a couple of ways you could work around this problem:

  1. Set the ground block collision shapes to “circle”. This might make the trucks bounce up and down a bit, but that may be ok since they are trucks? This would prevent the trucks from sticking.

  2. A more complicated fix would be to make the trucks “hover” slightly above the ground by 1 or two pixels. You could do this with a “position” property behavior.

Here’s a tip when working with collision shapes: press “control+d” to show the collision shapes while the game is running.

Also - this is a great start to an interesting game :slight_smile:

Thanks @grazer for the help, I’ll look into it. And thanks @DarkPhantom for the feedback :smile: