Please play my game demo?

My game has realeased 2.0, the first slightly playable version. I want it to get more plays because i think if i make it a full game i can realease it on steam for 50 cents. Also, the first person who comments gets to make a cameo in the game. Also 2, please :hearts: if you play it.


my cameo has been secured.
I’m really sorry, I cant play it because I don’t have a pc

The behavior in the first battle contains an infinite loop.

good game! also naruto reference in the knight cutscene? i put my name to baller lol

oh i didnt realize that it was a naruto refrence but now it is

ok. i will make you an Enemy, NPC, or somethin else?

so uuhm, why do you kill the knight even after negotiating with him, also, why do you have to steal?

nice game. Also there is a bug when you shame the knight


This is cool.
I negotiated with the knight, then it told me he knew that he was wrong, then I attacked him and killed him after he decided to let me pass, I am a menace. But, you should make it so when you choose one option, it prevents you from clicking on any others

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Ok. I will. also, i will add special moves, hit, miss and crits, and more fun battle stuff

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weird that doesnt happen for me! Are you firefox or safari?

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Same thing happened to me, am on chrome…


I was on Chrome when I posted that

Huh try firefox that what im on

That doesn’t mean anything. I used to use Firefox, and Flowlab bugs in a game were still a thing. Try actually finding the infinite loop error in your code please.

memes about infinite loop error being bad


  1. for some reason i cant find it?
  2. funny haha meme yes
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Check the object. Probably in the knight or the player I guess


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