PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP with blocking mechanics andd some "glitch" im having

ok so in the fighting game ive been making :Flowlab Game Creator - fighting game I’m trying to add a blocking mechanic for the claymore character(which was SO much more complete then I thought it would be) but now I’ve been having an error where the mechanic that stops you from moving while blocking stays up way longer then the animation even though there set to the same time ( for ref the cool down on block should be 7 seconds and it should last 3.2 seconds along as the animation) also I have to hit the / button twice to activate the block and I have no idea why these problems can be found in the claymore properties and the groups inside it PLEASE help.


Well while the enabled is off it is not affected by physics, so it’s not moving until the block resets

You should probably just make it turn off a switch that prevents the player from taking damage, not disabling physics, but if you still want to, then you need to use “position” instead of “velocity”


thank you how can i make a switch that blocks damage that would be so usuful

Here is for the block behaviour:

first timer is the delay between blocks
second timer is the time the animation stops.

Here is the other side, the damage side:

you should add something like this in every place that the player can take damage (preferably all organized in the same bundle) and I’ll let you chew on how to

1: stop the player from flipping while blocking
2: only block damage from one side

Tell me if you need help