Please Read Grazer!

Two Things I Want To Say 1 Please Add A Donate Button To Flowlab Because I NEVER Want This Site To Go Down I Would Cry If It Did [Unless This Is A Free Site :stuck_out_tongue: ] 2 Please Make A Download Feature Where You Can Download Your Game As A .EXE File Or A Program Im Saying This Because Im Working On This Game And So Far I Spent 3 Hours On It! Thank You For Reading! BTW Here Is The Game Im Working On

Hey Craftermaster, I’m glad you like the site so far :slight_smile:

  1. You can already get a premium membership starting at $10 per month (or $59 for the year) that will get you more games, access to the iPhone exporter, plus my undying gratitude.

  2. This feature has been in the works a long time, you will eventually be able to download a desktop version of your games, but I don;t have a release date yet.

Thx grazer you are the best plus i really like the indie membership i have 10 games already!!!

Thanks For The Info! :smiley:

Awesome, grazer please make the .exe download free. Because I don’t want to pay for it.

Well W-man, I need help paying for the site in order to keep it up - I can’t foot the bill for everyone forever, right? :slight_smile:

^ lol
Food isn’t free, electric isn’t free, website hosting isn’t free, why would you work for free when you have bills? Flowlab is in beta, that’s why it’s free. Too many things to do before it’s worth putting a free trial timer.

I Think We Need A Lower Rank Like Rookie It Will Be 5 Bucks A Month

yeah Grazer The Less We Pay The More You Get If You Make A Rookie I Will Buy It 5 Bucks

Well Craftermaster, today is your lucky day! You can get a 1 year membership for $59, which is less than 5 bucks a month :slight_smile:

Please don’t make a free trial. I won’t be able to use this site anymore. And, I would cry all day.

okay ill buy it soon

only if flowlab worked on my mac…i use windows to use flowlab

it works on my mac :confused:

flowlab is a web browser program, if you have shockwave flash player, it works on any supported device.

oh ok

Will it work on my new DELL laptop?


Yes… A computer is a computer…