Please read. Important issue

So, I have now officially been warned about my student accounts. As many of you may know, I have been giving free, paid accounts to underprivileged users. However, since somebody leaked my uses, I have had dozens of people request new users. Although I have only granted it for a select few (And their alternative accounts @grazer - that’s why there are so many), I’ve apparently weakened flowlab’s already small income. I have gotten in enourmous trouble with both my family and the moderators. Because of this, I can no longer give out users and will be removing all alternate accounts from my users. However, any main accounts will not be removed, unless I am literally forced to by a mod or my family. Good luck on your games and apologies to the flowlab team and the users looking for free accounts.

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Will I Be Removed? (Limit)

I am TERRIBLY sorry for that! I hope you will be forgiven by your family! I am so sad to lose my free account! :disappointed_relieved: :cry: :slightly_frowning_face: :worried: :fearful:

Well, I don’t have any spare accounts (well I have like 4 accounts, but only my main account is actually is added to your students. I don’t want to lose my privileges, but I don’t want you to get into trouble either.

i wish i could get a free indie, ive wanted it ever since i joined flowlab but i could never get it, and if i did have it, my games would be amazing, but its hard to do that with so limited objects

I won’t be removing any main accounts like yours, just not adding any either.


I’m still ok right @meburningslime

Ouch, this seems like a serious issue indeed. Hopefully it can be resolved without too many consequences. Good luck to you and all other users!


how is it weakening flowlabs income?

Perhaps it is because since burningslime was giving away student accounts to various people and their sub-accounts, there was significantly less people buying Indie or any other paid subscription. Normally this wouldn’t have been a problem, but giving it to so many sub-accounts probably made things worse for Flowlab.

flowlab makes most of their income off of people’s paid accounts, by giving away free accounts with the same privileges using education takes away a lot of their profits, I think…

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Hahahaha I use a free account anyways so I have nothing to lose :slight_smile:

I have an Indie account, so the only thing I have to lose is $60 per year. Which is worth it, since Flowlab is fun.


flowlab forums should have ads and a team limit to stop this from happening

ads? but why?
this post wasn’t sponsored by RAID: Shadow Legends

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I think grazer once said that he would not bring ads to Flowlab. Well, at least not on the site itself. You can still put ads in your games, but the site itself will not have ads.

Its Better Off Without Ads

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not even the forums?

Nope, not even in the forums.

Plus, ads would be very annoying, especially when they pop up everywhere.

You Try Typing Something Then A Scary Ad Pops-Up Outa Nowhere Then You Accedently Type A Curse-Word And Post It