Please support me

Im not getting a lot of support right now and I would love for you to support me Im not going to update or create any new games until I get more supporters this way lots of people will be exited when I come out with updates for my games. Plus its kind of lame to go all out and have nobody new who is supporting or actually reading my posts and update logs. Plus I would have a lot more people telling me about ideas and reporting bugs on my game here are some links to help support me you all are well appreciated here so plz join the group

Grim for

The Pixeling Dead

YouTube Channel

I subscribed

Thanks can you please help support me by telling all of your friends and people you talked to that would be nice

Ok but, only one of my friends are on flowlab and, they are not answering my texts :frowning:

Oh well that sucks sorry about your friend can you try convincing other people like @meburningslime @rcreger @R0CK @pixelknife3 @Gamer20 and some others they seem to listen to me not

Im not entirely sure why you need so much support and appreciation. You already made a scene the other day, so I guess that im debating wether or not I should help you.

What is your problem.

@GrimProductionZ honestly dude his problem is that you made a HUGE scene yesterday. I’m really forgiving other people aren’t

I dunno about this scene, but when I’m on Flowlab, I’m happy to support whenever I can :slight_smile:

Good luck with your next title!

Thanks also can we stop this I made a mistake and we all do that so lets just look to the future and learn from the past :slight_smile:

I’m not gonna do it because you ended up in the wrong discussion…


Thats nice

the game’s pretty cool man tho i wonder a bit about the concept of ur game
some of the controls im still figurin out while others dont work that much maybe im laggy?
over all man u did a good job

Ok thanks you some of the controls are still in development so they will change over time.

Please some one