Please try this game

I’ve bean working on this game for almost 1 HOLE YEAR!!! The plot is that the evil blubs have taken over the blob kingdom and you are the last blob trying to bring back order. Its not finished but please try it anyway Try to find the 2 hidden Easter eggs!
P.s sorry for spelling errors.

Hey Jojo,

I like it, and I favorited it - I have some suggestions though:

  • It is super difficult! I gave up after dying a dozen times and making almost no progress. I recommend that you start out a little it easier, and ramp up the difficulty as you go along.

  • It’s not clear which way I am supposed to be going: left, or right?

  • I think you should select one of the new high-res fonts, the existing labels look fuzzy :frowning:

Anyway, nice work - it’s clear you put a lot of work into it :slight_smile:

Please favorite if you like!!!

Oops left him at the end sorry I fixed it.

Can you try it agen please?

Hey, much better!

Thanks can anyone else try it i am going for the front page! :wink:

The front page?! O_o
to be honest this game’s kinda like any other platformer in flowlab… (Not that I’m saying it’s bad!) But nice game tho :slight_smile:

maybe next time, make it a bit more intense in graphics, it kinda looks a little plain to me :confused:

A suggestion: i don’t think it’s necessary to have a timer count down from 9999…

OK thanks for your opinion! Anymore like’s :neutral:

Any budy?

you can’t just build any game and demand favorites. Most games are not successful, platformers like these are too common these days.
But really, please don’t make favorites the whole point of this discussion, if there were more new users (i know youre not new, but just an example) that saw this and pleaded for favorites on their game, and everyone did it to encourage the new users, the first page may be overwhelmed with less hard-worked games, pushing those hard-earned games to the outer zone.
If people really like your game, they will favorite it, but it takes patience. Give them time to adjust to your game, and maybe gradually the fav count will go up. Heck, no one favorites half of my games :tongue:

EDIT: I got farther on the game… and I found that it was really good! Keep it up :slight_smile:

Thank you all for looking at my game did any one find the easter eggs? :wink:

when it’s done I will repost for people to beta test it har har! :blush:

LONG LIVE BLOB BOY. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

This game is extremely hard. I can’t say this game is good or bad because I can’t play it. Next time make your games easier :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking at it!

I didn’t look at it. The game looked at me.



im confused