Yah everyone, I’m working on a game and I would love some other people to try it. Please tell me if you encounter any bugs and any suggestions you have!

Also how do you upload custom music? I’m tired of the default flowlab songs.

lol forgot the link

Lovely asteoids recolor, the controls are fking weird.

Hey @“my_name (<_>)”

First things first, to upload custom music you go into the music function. Once inside there, you click on where you can customize the music. Inside there it gives you the options: Effects, Music, Uploaded, and Upload. Just click upload and you can choose a sound file (this may be a payed feature but im not sure).

An also a suggestion for the game. UP THE TURN SPEED. I can’t hit anything because I can’t turn whatsoever. Once you do that, this game is actually quite fun!

Hey @“my_name (<_>)” , if you’d like, you can put your game link in my discussion, Bored Reviews: , and put the link there. You will get a like on your game AND review of what you could fix. Thanks!

@“my_name (<_>)”
Darn it @rcreger got here first! But still, i have something very similar which you could also send it too! Just paste the game link and I’ll get to it ASAP:

I just have quick reflexes when I see “Play my Game” @Crigence :lol: