Please undelete my game "Cats vs Bears"

Could you please undelete my game “Cats vs Bears” by AxolotlK (myself). Somehow I accidentally deleted it.
That would be great, I spent a lot of time creating it.

many thanks for your help!

@AxolotlK , I’m so sorry but the deleted games are permanently wiped from the server’s memory. However, if you want help rebuilding it, I could assist you! I have coded many great high-quality games.

I was playing it and then it suddenly reloaded somehow. Then it showed a message instead of the game. It says something like this "delete{ok}
This is the link that still works somehow.

Hmm… @grazer
Maybe you reloaded before it deleted? Refresh the gmae list page.

I did it does not show up


What about @grazer

He’s the creator, he might be able to solve this mystery.

Oh thanks! I just added a “comment” to him saying the link and if their was a way me or @grazer could “undelete” the game.

@grazer can restore the game, I know it was an accident but please be a more cautious.