Hello guys oh gosh i tried so hard to figure out this and i failed hard :D.
So here is what i want to do , i want when i press a key for example lets say
spacebar my character will play an animation but for this time i want to disable
the movement and the jumb ability of him.

The help i need is


*When u press this key disable all other movement and jumb functions and do “that”.


*When u are standing still and u press this key then do “that”

I appreciate for any help in advance and happy game creations :slight_smile:

Well make it when you press the key to deactivate the character:

Key (down) -> (off) Enable
|__> (start) Animation (play) -> Timer [delay 0, repeat forever]-> (stop) All other animations

Make it when the Animation ends to reset the Timer

Almost sure this works (i just woke up)

ohhh thx pixelPizza , something works !! the only problem now is to figure out how
to stop using it in the air :smiley: .Also i see that i can abuse it as long as i hold the bottun
i am immune ;/

Make it to where it casts a ray under the player, and if the ray hits, you can use it

hmm i cant understand how the ray works :confused: i am not familiar with it. can u check
it plz the code is in CATO last the key is W

Raycast sends this invisible line a certain distance, and if it hits something, it triggers hit but if not it triggers miss