pls help me with my game

i can’t make my player go through floor on the bottom a land on solid ground on top. also how do you have a certen amount of lives before you have to restart the entire game. thx.

1- i dont understand what do u mean

2- Making lives:
try to re-read this please
i don’t see another way to explain it

sorry i mean if my player were to jump up through the block without collision detection and then land on the same item but not fall through it again. thank for the lives

Ah!!! I get it now!

Here you go m8:gggg

oh and btw do the proximity be very low

That won’t work @PixelPizza
It will just disable the block when the player is close to it, that’s not what he wanted.

@nkbulider I think you’re talking about one-ways. You’re just making it hard for us to understand you, so I’m not sure.

Here’s a game I’ve made with one-ways:

thanks that what i meant sorry for the confusion

1 more question how do you make your character stop completely and only play 1 animation. this means he cannot move until its over

thanks sorry I’m new at this

Between the keyboard triggers (to move the character) and the number behaviors put a switch behavior. Connected to “in”, and it on by default. If you connect something to “off” you won’t be able to move anymore.



thanks it helped a lot

Hey how do i make a homing attack after locking on to it?

Enemy x
Player x ---- ease — x position

Repeat for y

thx bro