Pls help me with the checkpoint in my game its weird

it goes to the check point even when not checked here is the link: Flowlab Game Creator - Meltdown (DCG) (wip) (it has sound so watch out)

Okay, while I couldn’t get far enough in the game to see which checkpoint your talking about, I’d be happy to help. What you should do is make the player death not send it to the home screen; instead make it go to last checkpoint position.

You can use “Extractors” for this.

Simply make code, Once, get player X and Y (This object X)(This object Y). On death, set position to the last set coordnates. You may want to make CHECKPOINT X and CHECKPOINT Y as global values, so they can be replaced whenever the player makes contact with a checkpoint. Make sure to make the checkpoints not solid, but keep collisions on.

If you need any help, just tag me and I could maybe send a video or something!

Like what ACDT says. (In capitals) if collision hit the “checkpoint” will extract its coordinates and global. the player will get the global and set in number so that when it dies. it gets new coordinates and position there

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Sorry that was the wrong game link, Hold up