Pls help on my game

I have this obstacle called “spinner” in level four, and the player doesn’t necessarily die when it touches the red line. Can someone help me with this?

what is that supposed to mean?

There’s this obstacle that has a red line that moves around in a circle. The player’s supposed to die when he touches it, but instead he dies when it comes near the front of the obstacle. It’s hard to explain, see for yourself in the link

I did and it seemed to work fine

do you want to go back to lv 1?

i couldn’t find the object spinner in your game library

if you go to lv 4 there will be a object with a red line and base called spinner, it is after the tank

Instead of having the red line as a part of the sprite. Have the spinner emit an red line out. The hit box doesn’t change when something rotates. So emitting is the best you can get

Okay… but thanks for the help everyone! :slight_smile:

This is not worth a discussion, but… I’ve been stuck on LV4 trying to make new enemies, but I’m out of ideas (boss is only on LV5). Pls help me!

Hey, I’ve been working on an animation, but I put so many things in the animation box that I can’t find the (+) (-) (Play) button on the animation thing. IDK how to add more animations or delete unwanted ones… pls help!!

you mean you have so many frames that your animation buttons are obscured? Can you just make your browser window wider?

I tried, but all it does is make the whole sprite editing thing smaller so you could see the rest of your game.

Okay, I solved it… now I’ve got a minor problem. How do you make the bar appear when you’re about to fight the boss, not just staying there on the screen from the start of the level?

Um, I don’t know if I’m doing this wrong or anything… but grazer can you take a look at the “Guardian” sprite? It’s supposed to move and bounce off walls like the waterballs, only faster, but I used the exact same logic and it doesn’t work.

And seriously, how do you get the bar to appear when the Guardian appears?

OK, now I put it out of the level… search it on the library please! :slight_smile:

2 things: I got close to the tank, and the missiles were stopping in mid air and crashing against each other. 2: The game will not reset if you touch a missile

I noticed, but there’s nothing I can do. Grazer’s trying to fix the missile one.

Are we talking about the missiles on Level 3? I just tested those and they seem to be working fine as far as I can tell. When they touch the player the game pauses, then restarts when you click in the popup.