Plymouth Entertainment - Change of plans

Hello, Plymouth Entertainment here!

We have unfortunate news. After some analysis, and some communication, we found that the project that had been anticipated in production, “Night Springs”, is currently off the table. We soon realized that the route that we were taking wasn’t as original, and hence didn’t offer as much creative freedom which we thrive off of.

We will be working on another project. However, the “Night Springs” trailer, and it’s test level (which you can find going into the editor), will remain up until we decide to pick up the project again - when the time is right. Keep in mind, the test level build was no where near the finished product we had in mind, and the decision to stop development on this project was due to all of the work we’d have to put into a project that is not originally ours (the game was going to be based off of a video game comic of the same name). We are, however, adopting several ideas into our next project, which is unannounced.

Just know we’re working on something…
Sorry for any inconvenience for the cancelled development of our game, but perhaps we’ll give it another shot. I will, for the meantime as @rcreger, help create some situations for @ManiacPumpkin’s game, the Facility , and also be concepting our next game… I can tell you know, it WILL be weird…

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It’s alright - moving away from this project (for now), will give me the opportunity to create something a lot more ambitious, and in a more unique style. Keep an eye out…

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yup, I’m planning on it :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

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Though this is kinda a bummer, I’m really interested to see what you come up with next.

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