Plymouth Entertainment - Sol [SOL - Cancelled Version Demo OUT NOW!]

What would you do when the sun went out? When the cold sweeps the earth? What would you do when your light goes out? And the darkness and mystery fills your room? What would you do if your heart stopped working? And all around you faded away?

What would you?

@rcreger, I remember playing your game A-Box and enjoying it a lot. I am very excited in seeing how Sol is going to turn out. It sounds like it is going to be a very fun experience!

I see that it would be a very difficult time to live in. I probably would not last long at all.

I have nyctophobia, which is the fear of the night and darkness. There is something about darkness that always leaves me shivering in place…

I have a feeling that these (probably rhetorical) questions are going to tie into gameplay and story, so I just felt like answering them. XD

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Thanks for the insightful response @GalaxianGames!

Just a hint for some stuff: Sol actually means “Sun” in Spanish. The sun henceforth has a much bigger meaning than just being a light bringer, but is our guidance. Without it, we’d be drifting into this empty void of cold forever. We wouldn’t even exist.

Imagine that. All we know, all we’ve done, all of our hopes and dreams disappear, but in a way we wouldn’t even know. We wouldn’t even be there. Not even thinking. Not even breathing. Not even feeling. We can’t think of it because no one has ever experienced not existing, because the people who don’t exist can’t tell they could’ve even happened.

Life comes as the water of your shower turns warm.

And it disappears faster than the mist on the mirror.

Sol gameplay will feature:

Double jump
Big shoot
Omnipresent narrator
And crying robots

That’s just scratching the surface.
Don’t even get me started with the Evil Eyeball of Ultimate Doubt in the Existence of Life.

Seems like this would be a massive game!

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Thanks @GalaxianGames! Not massive per say, but a lot of work is going into this one. A lot of things I haven’t tried before either.

Thanks for the support!

Death isn’t giving up on life.

Death is restarting it.

Everyday we stray further from god

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Death is just the beginning.

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@Gamer20 true to that, sadly

Unless ur a good Christian boi like me. (Not promoting religions)

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@ManiacPumpkin ayy, Christian Bros👊 lol

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Hey everyone! I’ll be posting some Sol concept art today… Keep your eyes peeled…

Introducing, Sol


woah there buddy CALM DOWN!

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Narrator: Sol doesn’t appreciate being called “Buddy”. He knows you’re trying to calm him down, but Sol doesn’t want to be calm. Sol hopes you can understand. Sol just wants to be happy.

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ok then sol what do I call you?

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Narrator: Sol desires to be called your friend. He’d appreciate it very much. In an empty wasteland, one does not tend to have friends.

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invites sol to come live in “the wasteland” from DoM

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