Plymouth Entertainment's new game! Watch the teaser!

Due to the sad announcement that FlowCon 2020 was cancelled, we were not able to reveal our super secret project that has been in development. I’ll keep this post brief, and you can find more information through here, and will be developed on Flowlab.

For the teaser (which includes art pieces for the game, as well as the title) is here.

Hope you enjoy! We are still in pretty early development, so don’t expect any big news until a while! Just make sure to… Stay in the light…

Thanks to all of you,
rcreger (Plymouth Entertainment)

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Ooh! I likes this ideas yessssssssssssssss

mutters intensely

Edit: I have no idea wtf I was doing

@Ramshacklegamestudios lol

and yes, me neither

just realized theres ads so the kodex is making money of it thats something I would do

how are you able to make pixel art that big and detailed!? Every game i make usually has just a bunch of small throwntogether sprites. I support this game all the way!

cant wait


Thank you for the support @ManiacPumpkin ! And I’m using a new sprite maker, called Piskel. It allows me to make more detailed sprites and layers and allows opacity in different layers as well. Not to mention, it’s animation maker is also great. I highly suggest using it, as it’s the first time I’m not using the Flowlab sprite maker, and no offense to grazer (who did in fact the whole site and me having used the Flowlab sprite engine for my last three games), but Piskel is so much easier to use.

But anyways, thank you! It means a lot!