Plz help me!


Some reason when I click green ‘Meebs’ they won’t change their job! Even though every other color does change!

  1. Click on Meebs to change what job they have.
  2. Spacebar spawns Meebs.
  3. X spawns Fleebs.

@“JR 01”
@“Mushroom Productions”

I took a look at your game and I found one problem. The coin object already has a click behavior. When the player clicks on the green meeb, the coin’s click behavior is activated and the meeb itself is ignored. However, when I tried testing if my theory was true, it did not work, but that could be one of the issues. I will check harder once I get to my computer (because I am on my chromebook and it is difficult to use due to its small screen).

Okay I’ve come back and I’ve found the solution.

You’ll have to remove the behavior for the green meeb to have a coin attached to it.

I’ve tried keeping the coin there but remove its click behavior, but it does not work. This is the only solution I have come up with without messing up the meeb’s behavior. If you are going to add a click behavior to the other attached objects (sword, apple. etc.), I would suggest having them not attached to the meebs but have their sprite art already have a sword, coin, apple, etc. art on it for the corresponding meeb.

Yes I had thought about having apple etc. in their sprites ubt didn’t realize that the coin click behavior was messing with meeb’s


No problem.

You got indie?




I want the gun to not be upside down when you shoot left of the player.

@“JR 01”
@“Mushroom Productions”

Yeah, I got indie account. Why?

Wanna join my dev team? You don’t have to commit. I just want someone to build it with me.

If you join and never really do anything that would be FINE. It would be better than ruining my game. (Cause you don’t know what to build.)

When the rotation of the gun is between 90 and 270, flip the gun Vertically.

I tried to make it easier to see.



People like JR 01…wow

(HTW didn’t i think of that?? slipped the mind?)

Thx for putiing me in my place.