Plzzzzzz update this game please

Flowlab Game Creator - The Facility this game is fun and scary and i want more in it s


Alright stand back I’m going to do some intense ritual summons.


Maniac Pumpkin had to halt development due to him having free version. From my understanding, they’ll pick progress back up when they get indie.

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oh ok good then thats nice

Yeah that game will eventually be continued. For now the game is kinda stuck into a small demo.
I had a lot of support on the project and even I was sad when the progress was halted, but I plan on getting indie pretty soon and I’ll continue it.

Also I would like your guys comments, but I can out for today, lol.


I STILL haven’t played it lol

wow lol haha i did lol

I am on “vacation” and don’t have a computer ;(

oh man your games are good

I didnt know you made the phacilty

Welcome to the club, please don’t leave it.

Yeah, I also made a sequel? or just a another game of the series called Flee. Which you probably have heard cause I made it for the flowjam.

I also made a simple simulator game Ball Bounce Simulator, and I’m currently working on a platformer horror game called Algiophobia. Which is currently almost done, but needs a few finale updates before it can be released.

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The demo looks awesome. I’ll need to learn how you made all that stuff work, as I would like to make a few different games using that top down visual style.

Multidude of winks

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