Poems by CodeAlpaca

I’m starting a new series of poems named after the solar system, though I’ll send them here out of order because I’m making them whenever i feel like it without proper order lol. Though I’ll try to make them make sense in a continuous story, though it may not end up like that

None so far, but lmk if you want to be pinged

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Stop me now
I can’t breathe
I made a vow
For a bridal wreath

I see your face
And stop my pace
My heart stops beating
As it starts breaking

I carry a ring
I never used
I lost a friend
Now I can’t sing
Now I’m bruised
Why do I have to pretend

You came around
This midnight June
Your mind’s not sound
But I wish to see you soon

I carry a ring
Or maybe a noose
To say goodbye
To a midnight fling
But what do I have to lose
Why can’t we try

Is it a sixth sense
Or am I too dense
For carrying a ring
That I’ll never bring

What is wealth
Without your health
Will you make me cry
While we’re in July


Is this poem about someone on the brink of suicide?

Uh no, though reading that part does seem like it. It was more so meant to mean you’re carrying hope with the ring, but maybe that hope is ruining you or something along those lines


Ah I see. It was a really nice poem though and I really like it


I absolutely love this. My best friend is working on becoming an astronaut and I have had my eyes opened to the wonders of space. Thank you for posting this!

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Not part of the solar system series, just something I thought of from a phrase


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What If

I flipped coin that landed on heads
What if I flipped it on tails instead
What are the chances I see you again
I think too often about then

I picked a three leaf clover
What if it had been a lucky four
Would it still be over
I think too often about the door

I can’t help myself from dwelling
What if I didn’t have these what ifs
What if there’s a version that keeps going
I think too often of lost gifts

I cracked apart a wishbone
What if it really came true
Would the memories be less prone
I can’t remember a time with a view

I prayed to God that it would leave
What if that would stop the grieve
Would you believe it really happened
I no longer need to feel saddened

I can’t help myself from reminiscing
What if we had been kissing
Where would things be without it all
I wonder if life hadn’t thrown a curve ball

What if things ended better
What if things never stopped
What if things begin later
What if things hadn’t popped

I can’t let it go
Even if it causes all my dwelling
Because it brings all my reminiscing
I don’t want to end the show

I don’t want to address the elephant
What if everything was irrelevant
Would nothing ever change
I wish I could exchange

I think of the future too
What if we met in a few
Who could tell what’d happen then
I try to image and pray amen

“What if” plagues my life
It sounds all too cheesy
What if you held a knife
It’d make leaving so easy

What if… what if… endlessly
Why do I think relentlessly
Just please let it end
Even if I need a friend

“What if” has gone far too long
I can’t help if we were wrong
What if there’s a chance again
I can’t keep waiting till then

But what if…


I feel like some of these would go GREAT with music. Especially the longer ones that you’ve posted like the flowjam one.


I might try to compose something for these eventually, though I’m not very good at making music yet



The theme is out
Let me tell you what it’s all about

Everything has a price
It’s time to roll the dice
Everything has a price
Don’t make me repeat it thrice

Rushing in isn’t a plan
You need an idea before you start
So think before following the thought caravan
You’ll regret it if you don’t think smart

Risk and reward is the name of the game
So let’s see if it lives up to the fame
Be unique and strange, not the same
Maybe the prize can be yours to claim

But again, let’s not rush in
Most barely know where to begin
Goodluck I wish you all the best
So let’s put those skills to the test!


I always have an urge to rap these when I read them :smile: