Point at mouse with camera

If you use a camera on an object, and try to get another object to point at your mouse, the object points at where your mouse would be from the original location, not where it currently is… It’s annoying trying to have a large world, but not being able to point where you need to.

I think there is actually a video that shows how to do that… but I don’t remember who did it…

@Latif3 @Luminous

Could you explain it?

Add the mouse move value to the scrollview value via expression

I don’t get what you’re saying

Get two expressions, the camera, and the mouse move

Connect the camera to both B and Eval (only one Axis per expression)

Connect mousemove to A (only one axis per expression)

The type A+B into the bottom of the expression…

The output value is the final number

Screenshot 2018-01-24 at 4.48.39 PM

What am I doing wrong?

Needs to be the top two.

Set- not move

Got it, thanks