Point system after level reset

For my game, i am trying to make a point system. I dont know how to make the points appear after the level restarts.

You can do this by changing the reset keep between levels or keep on level restart

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I fixed it and the points aren’t adding up. I think i might have something wrong in the point system.

What kind of point system are you trying to make?
And could you leave a link to the game?

Im trying to make a score point system. my game is Flowlab Game Creator - Soccer

The point system is there and everything, it adds up, but it does not keep it every reset.

Instead of restarting the level every time someone scores, make it so it sends a message to the players and the ball to set their position. That will be smoother.
Like I did here: Flowlab Game Creator - Lethal Soccer

Thanks, i will either try to make your code fit in with my game or steal it (joking)

Can i also try to use part of your bot to make mine better? Of course i wont steal the whole thing, i will just use the part of the code that positions it so it goes for the goal. All mine does is follows the ball.

My code won’t work with your’s since it is up top.

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