Pokémon Card Game

Wouldn’t it be cool to create a game that was the Pokemon card game? Where you have your deck and play against a player/computer? Would anyone like to help me make it?


sounds cool, i have to think about it though.

that would be awesome! Im down!

soooo… When are we starting?

I’m not sure, what type of account do you have?

I have the indie account

Nice, I have a free account, do you think you could create a game, and then make it so I can edit it with you?

Hmmmm… pretty sure i couldn’t share it with you, but there could definitely be other ways you could contribute.

first, we need a name

Im pretty sure if you go in the game, and click on game settings, and it should say Team Editing

you can share it with him. indie users have that ability.

it doesn’t have that, because I have a student account

Wait are you making a pokémon card game, or a card game similar to that of pokémon?

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Yeah, were thinking about it.

You wan’t to help?
Were thinking on a name.

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Idk, if I can. Mainly since I have school and I’m already apart of a few other game devs teams, but I would gladly help on maybe concept ideas and if you have a question on coding then I’d try my best to find a solution, if not the I know someone who knows every behavior by heart.

Ok, what account do you have? Do you think that you could create a game we can edit so we can all work together?

No, i currently have free edition, sadly.

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I actually started a custom card game a while back called the Siege of Trothianus where it was similar to yu gi oh and Clash Royale combined, but i discontinued it since I couldn’t color anything with colored pencils really well, so I figured that I’d start doing digital cards, but then I never got around to that either. But I got a printer now so I could start.
But since I did have some knowledge of card making I could help you develop your own custom card game.

I used to use godeckyourself.com and made amazing, basically professional-looking games thanks to their in-site editor, but unfortunately it shut down for unknown causes.

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