POLL: cut the pause menu from GALACDRIVE?

Hey all!

My game GALACDRIVE is an endless game where you fly a spaceship through hyperspace, dodge rocks, fight bosses, grab powerups and uncover secrets. It’s a three button game and is planned to go on phones.

The problem is, while the game is centered around it’s music, pausing the game throws the music off, since the game pauses but not the music. If the player pauses, the music starts where it shouldn’t once the game is resumed. Therefore, the musical part of the game is kind of threatened by a pause option. GALACDRIVE is sort of a rythm game, which seems to be incompatible with flowlab’s pausing.

At the same time, a good chunk of people play without audio. So it might be worth disorienting people who use audio and the pause to adhere for people who use audio but no pause, or pause without audio. I could theoretically just stick a warning in the pause menu that pausing throws the music off.

What do you guys think? Should I cut the pause feature from the game or not? How often do you tend to pause endless games, and do you consider it essential? Thank you.

  • remove the pause option
  • keep the pause option

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Regularly, yes. You’re welcome!

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Yeah, imagine Subway Surfers, another “endless” game

the game would be much easier if i used the pause feature, but apparently i hate myself and play without it

pausing allows you to take a break or to gather your bearings to better assess the situation up ahead, so in my opinion it is a necessary feature to include

but take my opinion with a grain of salt because like i said, i never use the pause feature in that game


I use it only when I have to do something like eat food or apply hand sanitizer (specifically talking about Subway Surfers, I am).


Pauses can be useful if you are playing a game and your mom calls you to do the dishwasher or something XD