[POLL ENDED] Something That Concerns Me For Monster Maze's Future

Hello everyone. Today, I just wanted to have a little talk about Monster Maze, an upcoming multiplayer project that has been on the works for little over a month now. What I want to talk about is something potentially serious, and potentially controversial if I end up doing it. But in the end, you guys make the final choice.

Earlier today, grazer pushed out the Data Types Update, allowing us to play around A LOT more with numbers, text, and data. One of those new features is to take the username and id of the player if they are logged into their account. If the user is not logged in, the id will be 0 and the username will be “empty”. This can be useful to track down the users playing multiplayer games, find out who is who. This can make communication better, especially if you are planning on making a chat-box or add emotes, like waving or smiling.
So what is the controversial part? Well, I realized that with the ability to extract a user’s id also comes with the potential to create a ban list. You can literally ban a specific user from playing your multiplayer game by scoping out their id, forcing them to only play the game on their own, or when not logged on. I’m not sure if grazer had thought of this, or if he intended to have this possible. While professional game developers usually add a ban list to ban naughty players from their game, here on Flowlab, things are different. I am currently having a dilemma about whether I should develop such ban list for Monster Maze. So here is where I may need help from the community: you guys.

Yes, a ban list should be created. Thanks to the new update, I plan on having players view each other’s usernames (e.g. if me and @ManiacPumpkin were playing together, we can see who is who by the player username), a quick-chat ability in the lobby, and even rewards exclusive to one user. So if one particular user breaks the rules (for example, cheating or bullying), I can easily identify them and ban them from the game. They won’t be able to bother other users or ruin the fun. It can also discourage other people from breaking the rules too. Since most other game developers also ban naughty players from their multiplayer games, I should do the same to establish order.
No, a ban list should not be created. The issue here is that I don’t want to end up creating ban wars: if I ban someone from my game, they ban me from their game as revenge. And some people are very vengeful, and some users have acted a bit immature at times. Plus, what if I ban someone and they turn out to be innocent? Technology can sometimes mislead us, and we don’t always have solid proof to punish someone. There have been extensive arguments here in the forums a few times, and while they have since been deleted, I still remember them. If I ban a user from my game, they are going to head on over to the forums and complain, sometimes extensively. It may cause chaos to come to the forums just because of a simple punishment due to bad behavior.

So I’m leaving it up to you guys, the readers. Should I use this newfound power to ban naughty users from playing my game, or should I allow everyone freedom to play my game, even if they are bullies or cheaters? The future of this game rests on your shoulders. Order or chaos?

  • Yes, users should be banned if they break the rules.
  • No, let everyone gain complete freedom.

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To clarify: if “yes” wins, users who are banned on the forums are NOT automatically banned from Monster Maze. You’ll only get banned if you break the rules in-game, and not outside the game.

Also @grazer, I want to hear from you, too, if you would like. I am not sure if you had thought about this type of thing being developed in a game, and I want to know if you encourage or discourage such a thing.

And sorry to everyone end this ends up being a terrible question. I just wanted to make sure that my game is bully-free and that cheaters don’t truly prosper, but I also don’t want to create any drama, since Flowlab is a community full of game developers, and I don’t want there to be any extensive arguments about each other getting banned from one another’s games. Hopefully you are able to understand my concerns.


For even more clarification, most the rules for Monster Maze is chat-based, and if “yes” ends up winning, these will be the rules:

No spamming! If you are going to say something, say it in proper English. Do not type nonsense like “iafihdsifjsijfojinfjd”, and do not type the same thing over and over again over a short period of time. You can speak in a language other than English: people of all nationalities, backgrounds, races, genders, etc. are allowed in the game and are allowed to type their native language in the chat, and are as a whole accepted into the game. Just make sure that you talk the way you would talk in person.
No bullying! If you are rude to other players and refuse to stop even when told to do so, you will get banned without warning. Monster Maze does not tolerate bullies. Saying something offensive, like racism and things like that, also guarantees an immediate ban. Besides, cyberbullying is illegal in some states, so you are technically engaging in criminal activity if you continue harrassing other users.
No cheating! If you enter the editor just to grab yourself free emeralds (the in-game currency), that will result in a ban. Play the game fairly like everyone else does. Unlike the other rules, this one won’t result in a permanent ban (unless it’s your third strike), but you will lose all of your data, so this is still very risky.
No (excessive) swearing! Though I won’t immediately ban someone for swearing, if you swear too much, or say a particularly naughty word, that would result in a ban. It is best to keep the quick-chat clean and family-friendly.
No online-dating! First of all, unless you know your “partner” in real life, this is very dangerous to do. Second of all, it’s a bit gross for other people to watch everything happen. Keep the romance out of this game.
No boasting or whining! Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. It happens, which is why we must remain good sports. Do not brag or boast if you gained more emeralds than your companions, and do not constantly whine if you got the least emeralds. Saying “EZ” in the chat counts as boasting, even if it may not seem that way. Instead, just say “GG”, or “Congrats”.


Only ban people on certain offences and create a three strike system.

Bannable offences include: Teaming on a solo game, hacking, toxicity, etc.

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You know, I’ve always favored a three-strike system. Thanks for reminding me. Although I’m still not sure if that system should apply to the bullying part. I’ve seen some pretty bad bullying in the past, and I was subject to such cyberbullying. I’ll think about that, but for the rest, a three-strike system is good.

And don’t worry, I won’t go crazy with the banning. I hope that I won’t have to ban anyone at all.


About banning I think you should add a time system like your ban from the game for 24 hours and user won’t take revenge, Because hey it’s just 24 hours.


I mean, it depends. As @browngr said, permanent bans are best for more serious offences, like cheating. 24 hours would be best for stuff like online dating and spamming. I think I’ll combine both of your ideas, with the first strike being 24-48 hours depending on the offence.

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You might want to set up a bot for that. Manually modding can be difficult.

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Can you send a link if its not finished you dont have to I love the ban idea because there are a lot of people who ruin games because they want to, but I would like to check it out it sounds like Pac-Man or Dark Deception from the name alone! (p.s Keep up thy great work!)

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Monster Maze is nowhere near finished, so I don’t want to provide the link just yet. And yes, you’ve guessed correctly, it is like Dark Deception. More specifically, Dark Deception: Monsters and Mortals. While Monster Maze can be scary sometimes (like the fact you can’t see the monsters if they are too far away), I don’t consider it a horror game anymore since it wasn’t purposefully made to be scary, but I have still jumped a few times when the monster turned the corner and killed me.

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If you ever need help or advice let me know I’m excited!

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I decided to close the polls earlier than intended because of how quickly these votes came in, and how the majority of active users are taking part, and it appears that 90% of you agree that I should have the right to ban players from Monster Maze should they break the rules, like cheating or bullying. (sorry Greggo, but your choice did not win the vote)

The Ban System

How these bans will work depends on the offence committed and whether this was your first time. I will be using @browngr and @R0CK’s ideas on a three-strike system. Basically, for your first two offences, you will get official warnings, either in-game or via the forums. If you continue to misbehave, you will get banned for a certain amount of time, and that’s where the three-strike system works.

  1. First strike - Two day ban
  2. Second strike - Two week ban
  3. Third strike - Two eternity ban (basically a permanent ban)
Varying Punishments

The punishment system depends on the offence, however.

  • If you break the “No Spamming” rule - Two warnings and three-strike system, but instead of permanent ban for the third strike, you will be prohibited from using the quick chat, called mute.
  • If you break the “No Bullying” rule - Two warnings only. If I have to warn you a third time, you will get banned permanently. Bullying is taken much more seriously than all of the other rules.
  • If you break the “No Cheating” rule - Three-strike system without any warnings. If you get banned due to cheating, you will find that your emerald count will be reduced to zero.
  • If you break the “No (excessive) Swearing” rule - This depends on what you say. Some words are accepted, but advised to be used in a minimal scale. Some words will only be accepted as long as you don’t excessively use it or use it to insult someone. If you get caught saying those words in those ways, three-strike system will be enforced. However, if you say a swear word that is deemed as racist, sexist, etc, you will be banned without warning, and the ban is permanent. I cannot tell you what those words are due to forum rules, so I pray that you guys know what those prohibited words are.
  • If you break the “No online-dating” rule - Two warnings and three-strike system, but instead of bans, they are mutes, so you won’t be able to use quick-chat.
  • If you break the “No boasting or whining” rule - Two warnings and three-strike system. Depending on how you were boasting or whining, you may either get banned or muted. Third strike is always a temporary, one month mute. All other future strikes will be a one month mute.

If I join a game of Monster Maze, everyone’s user id will show up, and when I not present, the ids will be hidden, and only the username will be visible. This is so that if you break the rules right in front of me, I can jot down your id and punish you later (or do it immediately if I am in a bad mood). If the Monster Maze playerbase grows to an unbelievable amount, I may start giving specific users the ability to reveal everyone’s ids as well, and those players will be labelled as “Moderators”. That way, if they see that there is someone breaking the rules, they can jot down the offender’s id and report it to me via the forum DMs, then I can take action. Moderators can also discuss with me whether or not we should lift punishments from players if they properly demonstrate that they understand their mistakes and are truly sorry. Keep in mind that at launch, I will be the only “Moderator”, and if you beg, “I want to be mod, please promote me”, then your chances of becoming moderator will become zero.

Rule of Law

All societies require the rule of law to be stable. The rule of law states that nobody, not even the lawmakers, are above the law. Everyone must follow them and must be punished if they break them. That will certainly be the case with Monster Maze. If you become a moderator and you break one of the rules, you will be punished accordingly, and in rare cases, have your title as moderator revoked. If I end up breaking the rules, it is only fair that I punish myself too, but since I am the creator of the game and the only person who can make punishments and things like that, these punishments will never be permanent. Technically that makes me above the Monster Maze rules, but since I’m still punishing myself, the community still gets their revenge against me.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns about this current system. Thanks for your help!

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