[POLL ENDED] The next Monster Maze Debuff?

Hello again, another poll is here!

Last time, the majority of you chose to have the Compass come as a powerup. Now I am asking you guys what debuff there should be to the game.
During gameplay, item boxes pop up around the maze. They give you powerups, from the Compass that points to the nearest monster, to the Supersonic Blaster, which stuns non-boss enemies. But there is a small chance that the item box will corrupt and give you and your team a debuff. This includes a Rage Mist that makes the monsters more aggressive, to a Boss Summoner.

I’ve already drawn up 5 powerups, but I only have 4 debuffs. I plan on having a 5th debuff, but I don’t know what to choose. Here are a few ideas:

  • Mud - Slows down all players for 5 seconds (which is shorter than most powerup and debuff times). This can make gameplay harder, but it may defeat the purpose of the Rage Mist.
  • Scatter - Spreads out the emeralds in weird places, sometimes in unreachable areas. This will be a fun yet annoying debuff to receive, as while the randomization will be admirable, it can make grabbing emeralds a bit more tedious.
  • Spikes - Creates some dead ends full of spikes, which disappear after 10 seconds. The spikes don’t harm players, but they do stun them for the duration of the debuff. This will be the first debuff to actually stun the player.

So what do you guys think? Clock’s ticking, voting ends Friday the 13th. Why? Because I don’t want to get on Jason’s bad side.

  • Mud - Slows players for 5 sec.
  • Scatter - Scatters emeralds in sometimes unreachable places.
  • Spikes - Creates dead ends that stun players who try to cross them

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So… due to the overwhelming victory of the Spikes debuff by the majority of Flowlab users, I’ve decided that it should indeed make it into the game. And as a thank you to all voters who participated, here is a screenshot of the player standing close to the monster during the pre-game stage.

I don’t want this to feel like advertisement of my game, but I have an idea for the lighting. I found out how to use this and I used a similar design as Agent_Y’s design (I think thats who it was, sorry) and I implemented it into my game. Although it looks really pixelated and I don’t know why, still a work in progress though. I just think it would be a cool feature in your game.

Or use the same design that your currently using, but make it face from 0 alpha to 100 alpha the farther it goes.

Question does the Maze randomly generate each round or does it just remain same. Maybe you might have multiple different maps that just randomly select at the beginning of each round, giving each round a new experience, maybe? I just figured that I’d ask.

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@ManiacPumpkin - Thanks for asking.

  1. I took a quick look at the flashlight example in your horror game concept, and I think I’ll stick to my original flashlight.
  2. The Maze has the same layout no matter what. When the game first goes public, only one map will exist, but in the future, players will get to vote on what map they will get to play. In the event of a tie, a stage would be chosen randomly.
    I would really like to have the mazes generate randomly, but I can only do 2D platformer random generation. If there was a behavior that made random generation easier, maybe like a Structure behavior, then random generation would almost definitely be brought into the game.
    The only other issue I have with random generation is that I don’t want the player to get caught by a monster because of a permanent dead end. I know that I said that spikes would create dead ends, but they are temporary and only last 10 seconds (plus, you have to be unlucky for them to activate), while an actual dead end made by a wall would be a permanent dead end. A randomly generated maze could end up creating these permanent dead ends.
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Okay, i’d figure that you would stick to your original idea, but I just wanted to throw some ideas out there.

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maniac pumkin, could i use that concept?

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Sure, the original idea was from Agent_Y, but I modified it for single player use. Just use the shading idea, but don’t use any of my art. It’s currently a testing game for a dev team that I’m apart of.


i dont copy art lol. (2020202020202020)