[Poll!] How should I do combat in my bullet hell game Bullet Madness?

So, I am indecisive so I want you all to decide, how should the player interact with enemies (besides dodging)?

honestly I have no idea how to set up a proper poll

Edit: I forgot to say this, the poll will end in one day (September 17th, for me at least)

  • Directly attack enemies in some way
  • No attacks, enemies simply leave after a time
  • Some sort of parry system where you use the enemy’s attacks against them

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I voted for the parry system! It sounds cool, and kinda reminds me of the Batman Arkham series

I’m not sure whether I will make the parry system a melee-like parry or a reflection, or something different? I will have to decide
if parry wins, that it (i get the feeling it will)

I’m thinking melee-like parry

just so it’s known, I think parrying will be the most difficult both to code in and to play, although i supposed it’s supposed to be hard

in terms of gameplay difficulty: direct attacking will be the easiest IF it is a ranged attack, if melee it may get harder, waiting may be easier it depends, and parrying will most likely be hardest.

I was also thinking melee-like parry

although, it’s a bullet hell, so how would a melee parry work?

in bullet hells the player always combats against enemies with more bullets or else its not a bullet hell its just a bullet spamming fest

Just Shapes and Beats is categorized as bullet hell, yet you don’t really fight anything or anyone. You just avoid the enemies attacks until the destroy themselves.
Also, I think you would be able to parry enemy attacks just by running up to the bullet and pressing a button, but you would have to be dangerously close to the bullet, and there is a cool-down between parrying.

We could have both, a direct attack for normal enemies and for harder ones a parry, but I would prefer a normal attack overall because it makes the game feel a lot more flashes out then a consistent parry system, which could come off as annoying to few (hopefully not if that’s what you go with)

Only a couple hours left to vote!

One hour left to vote! It looks like Parrying is winning, and nobody wants to be a pacifist in a bullet hell game. Good to know

THE POLL HAS BEEN CLOSED! Parrying won by a landslide! To the people who voted direct attack, don’t worry! I may still put a direct attack system in the game! But parrying mainly won!

In retrospect, I probably used a bit too many exclamation marks

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