Poll: Most wanted new feature

What feature do you really need the most? There are lots of requests in the queue, and it’s hard to know which options will help the most developers, so we’re going to try voting on your favorite :slight_smile:

Is the feature you really have to have not listed? Let me know in the comments.

if you did add export to desktop, would that only be for paid members? or could free members (like me) be able to do it too?
if so, definintly add that. pls

He had a desktop export in the past, but it was pretty buggy for my games. I believe the majority of people want animated backgrounds, or more layers.

Besides that, I’ve always sort of wanted a volume tweaker for music. Have you ever player Mario Kart Wii? The menu music has 5 layers. Each layer plays as you progress through the menu, until it’s a complete song. When you back up in the menu, layers mute, so it loses instruments and becomes drum and bass. I would like to add this gimmick to my games, by being able to tweak volume like alpha.

Also, would you be able to tweak object sizes to 200%? They currently only shrink, but cannot grow past 100%.

Hey Henf25: Desktop exporting would work just like the mobile device build system does, meaning that it would also only be available to paid members.

Mhx: I play Mario Kart Wii still :slight_smile: Adding a dynamic volume input probably wouldn’t be too hard, I can investigate to see what it would entail.

There is nothing preventing image scaling from going beyond 100% other than a setting, so that would be a simple change. The reason that scale stops at 100 is that if it goes any higher then the sprite image quality deteriorates rapidly. I could try enabling a higher limit, but even expanding a sprite a small amount usually makes it look pretty terrible.

I’m aware of that, but currently, sprites are not able to be larger than the game screen. You ever play Super Mario World or Sonic CD? At one point, the boss flies at the screen, and gets really pixelated, but it’s a retro effect that doesn’t really bother me too much. It’s not like these games are being exported to Wii U, or any other big screen game. The quality is already not that great on smart phones, so I wouldn’t be too worried about it. I’m not really a 1080p artist anyway.

The dynamic volume would be fantastic for now, as you’ve probably noticed, I create all my music, and have always been interested in making a dynamic soundtrack. Anything you decide to add to the system would be beneficial to me, you know, as long as it doesn’t break my games again :wink:

Most of my projects after Diamondsion Assault were just test games, because I knew you would be upgrading a lot of stuff, so I was afraid to dedicate too much time to something, and have it stop working. One thing that does bother me a bit, is when you have a big sprite go slightly off screen, the whole sprite disappears, instead of just clipping off screen. I assume it has something to do with that memory saving update you made 2 years ago, to make off screen objects stop functioning.

I just noticed you had “more collision options” on the poll. Have you ever cracked down on how to make a pixel based collision system, so when you crouch, you can slide under half blocks or dodge projectiles? Until now, all collision detection has been based on the initial sprite, rather than the animation it performs. I don’t know how well you understand LUA script, but I made Diamondsion Assault for PSP a long time ago, and got a pixel based collision system running, and maybe you could translate it to, uh, what was this running on, it wasn’t python, was it? No, it was C#, or no Objective C, correct? I’m not sure how that would translate, but you’re free to look at the source code, if I can find the LUA script.

That may break my games so can that be a separate shape option?

Oh- and maybe a shape editor. So we basically draw the collision thing

!!! Being able to reuse sprites across games! Like a “sprite bank or something”

Oh, yeah, grazer has the ability to copy a character to a different game, but you have to re-add all the images. I think he can clone games, too. It would be useful to be able to clone games yourself, to make sequels without having to remake everything.

SHOOOOT! I didnt see multiple parallax layers!!!

What did you accidentally choose?

More sprite editing tools…

To me they’re both important

Fair enough. I personally don’t use the sprite tools, since I use GIMP, but in your situation, I understand why it matters to you. I just use the sprite editor for junk files, like making a music playing icon look like a music note, then drag it off screen, or for temporary placeholder sprites, for ground and spikes, or whatever. The paintbrush was a useful tool, so I’m confused as to why it was removed.

3 things.

1. Color picker
PLEASE Grazer you really have to change the color picker! You can’t make the colors darker! How bad is that :frowning: The old one is much better! Just get that color picker back and everything is okay! :smiley:

2. Custom shapes (hitboxes)
I think changing hitboxes will be very useful. Custom shapes… You can make one in the sprite editor and you have to draw a hitbox. And in the behaviors there’s a hitbox behavior. So you can choose a ‘hitbox’ you made in the sprite editor.

3. Behavior bundles in user interface
And behavior bundles for objects in user interface will be useful too. Because the bundles won’t show :frowning:

If I had to choose one. Then I’ll choose for the colorpicker.

I think the current color picker is okay, but it needs a light to dark slider.
I know a bit of hex code, so I can make my own RGB values, but most people don’t want to do that.

The colorpicker should be like colorpicker.com. Why do people like the current one?

Export for Desktop :frowning: plzzzz

yeah sure @Latif3
colorpicker.com its an good website

oh yeah, also when somehing rotates (for example, a wall) the player still cannot pass through it. Pls fix this grazer.