[Poll] Opinions about Danmaku Flow's parry mechanic

I have been thinking about slightly altering the parry mechanic in my little game here. Currently, parrying a blue bullet adds to your charge meter. When the meter is full a shot is automatically fired to damage the boss. I am thinking of changing this so every parry shoots at the boss, dealing more frequent damage but less per shot.

  • Keep it how it is
  • New option!

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I literally did not know that you could actually attack the boss

Oh lol. Press c next to a blue bullet (Only today did I add this to the second boss)

For the first boss, if you are having trouble finding blue bullets, wait for the homing rockets to be released. Wonder if you could make those rockets hit an unintended target?

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Thanks for telling me! I’ll try that.

One more day until I close the poll
(unless I forget, then you guys get the weekend idk)

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You can create an expiration date btw

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Well I forgot, poll is now closed!