[Poll] The future Starblast 2 is in your hands.

Let’s be honest. I develop one game but randomly create another and shift focus to that.
Play here
Note: if you would like, you can also provide feedback.

Also, I forgot one more question. Should I put Starblast 2 on steam or some other major retailer site?

Anyone? Lol



I would play it if it were on Steam @jngthree

@Myw ?

What’s supposed to be funny?? :frowning:

“You Greedy Dirtbag”

What? Because taking the world by storm is too much?

Pretty much XD

nah man I was talking about you doing the “'bump” thing


I don’t know when I’m closing the poll but if things don’t change then soon

I don’t see anything in my hands. But I just did the polls.

A beginner tutorial would be cool.
So when you play for the first time a label says:
“Use W, A, S and D to move your ship”
When you move a bit thr label will say after a few seconds:
“Use the arrow keys to shoot a direction”
When the user tries that out an enemy will spawn after a few seconds and the label will say:
“Shoot at the enemies!”
At the end of the tutorial the label will say:
“That was great! But now the real fight starts…”
And it will start a regular round.

On Flowlab I’d give a five. Something I’d like is some kind of mode with a map (like nsmb series or stick wars) and levels gradually being unlocked, with new enemies and upgrades being introduced. And every five levels or something a boss appears. Differently shaped arenas and stuff like that could really make it more interesting. (I’m probably asking for too much, but if you ever get around to it)
Right now I feel like I’m playing pokemon with story mode all finished. Legendaries all caught. More variety could really make it a high rating, maybe even worth paying. Cuz the real world in its modern states have extremely high competition. “would people like this better than those other free spaceship games?” But it’s definitely one of the best games on flowlab.

Starblast seems pretty simple created to me. If I had some motivation I could even create a remake of it (I would never do that btw lol). Just the graphics I can’t really make because I always make my own.

Honestly, it’s a good game. But for me this is like an “I play it, I like it, and forget it after 1 week” game. There’s just something needed to keep playing it, something like levels, or even a shop! I totally agreed what Luminous said.

For example I take Ketchapp Games. They make simple games and easy to understand. But in (almost) every game they have a shop to customize your character for example. So when you play the game more, you get more currency and you can buy more characters with it. That will keep players playing.

My rating: 5/5
It is the best game in flowlab I think… What about the complicated Draw Game?!

My brother’s rating (he doesn’t know flowlab): 3/5

Ok so these are definitely on my list. For updating

A currency system, likely cores
A ship shop: Each ship (excluding default) 1000c a piece
Custom ships 2000 c

Addressing @Luminous700 : the reason bosses aren’t going to be added is because they affect the arcade structure, because adding the bosses could possibly ruin the flow of gameplay. That’s why bosses appear in their own mode.

Addressing @Latif3

I will add what you said and take your advice. Also, I got an idea for you, PM me if you are interested

The currency system is up! And you can no longer change the ship in game! Instead, you must go to the shop to change it!

For now 3 ships are available 1, 2, and 3…

1 and 3 are free (3 is free until behavior bundles work)

Customs ships are up!