Pong that makes you rage! (:<

Its That time again, #PongPoggers This is an Extremely Broken version of the classic game pong, that will make you RAGE! Not intentional, but I guess thats more fun (: Hope you enjoy, Thanks @grazer for most of the balls code, Enjoy the Rage! https://flowlab.io/game/play/1520183


How Do You Even Start?

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1-4, its in the desc

Its Acually Imposible To Score A Point Because Once The Ball Bounces The Ball Always Goes For You, Not The cpu

No, its not imposable, its just random and idk how to fix it o.o I used Grazers Code,

Ok ill Show You What Happened

The balls don’t go to the other side for me.

They do rarely, and thats why its untintentionally rageful, but i do need help making it go to the right more

This Is Is What Happens

Screenshot 2020-10-23 at 10.54.02 AM

Look At The Scores, It Only Goes To You

Yes, I Edited The Game A Little The Show You

WOA Thats never happened I dont have the scores move, so I dont know why they are on screen, also how did you get that mmany points???

oh, that makes sence

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Anyway, Nice Game! :smiley:

thx, Im glad you werent to enraged

I was enraged that this error code appeared every time the ball touched the ceiling

oh, yea sorry, I was expirimentoing, ill make it so it does not do that