Porkys revenge: see you in your nightmares : )

So I’ve mainly been thinking about some cool things that I could add to make it more interesting and decided to change some mechanics due to technical issues(mainly with ralph ) so now ima change how porky and ralph’s mechanics work a bit
ralph: he’s still in your office but instead of having a chance of being triggered when you lift up the monitor, there’s a miniature porky that will malfunction every once and a while and make a lot of noise to wake him up, turn it off to avoid a grizzly death (and yes, the animatronics beat you to death, not stuff you in some 100,000 dollar mascot costume (yes I did my research for that cost)
porky: he pretty much works the same as he did in the original, but instead of having footsteps appear you’ll see him peek through the door, lock it to send him back to his stage

In more news
I’m here to announce a new game mode for the game: nightmare mode
What is this mode you ask basically this mode has all animatronics active, but with all the secret ones spawning on the map. the secret ones include, such as shadow porky, the originals version of phone guy, and some original ones that I’m making concepts for
other than that the game will be put on itch.io once it’s finished for the people that want to do that type of thing