Portal not working?

So, I designed a sprite and set the behaviors to Collision=next level. however, when i do it, i only get a flash of the other level before it sends me back?? how do i fix this? Flowlab Game Creator - A Miidle Aged Dad Finds His Gold.

About to look at it, but it’s most likely because it hits an object that sends it back

The level 2 player collision is set to “Any” meaning it activates when the player touches the ground. And it sends you back because you are restarting the game, not the level. I’d recommend using the same character for each level.

okay! thanks! I hope this will help.

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np, If you have any more questions feel free to ask, I’m always happy to help. :llama:

wait how do i do that??

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Like use the same character for each level

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to put the character in the level, go to the library and hit add to level.

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btw this is what needs to change, have the damage go into the “+” input, not “Get”. Have the filter set to “Less than or equal to” not “Greater than”. Use the “Load Level” behavior and set it to “Restart Current Level”

Thank you all! this is gonna be good!