Porting to Consoles???

What if we want to port our games to consoles, like Ps4 or Xbox. Is that possible???

Nope, we need to make a pretty popular game for that kind of opportunity.

If you make the next Undertale, we might get the chance.

Lol thanks… I’ve been working on a game here for over 7 months now and I don’t even know who owns or works on flowlab. Can anybody tell me who does???

Grazer is the owner of flowlab from my knowledge.

Btw Im interested to hear more about this game youve been working on. I always like seeing peoples games on flowlab.

Well,it’s a great idea,but I dont think anyone has figured out how to do that yet.

Hey @Df403159 - I’m the one who works on Flowlab :slight_smile:

The biggest challenge to getting your game on a console is working out a developer agreement for your desired console. This involves signing contracts and paying relatively hefty fees to get access to the development kits and SDK code. If you manage to work through all that, then the technical aspects of exporting your game for the console are doable.

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I’ve actually found that you can play flowlab games on the web browser on xbox one. the d pad is the arrow keys, r is the mouse pointer, and a is click. runs a bit slow and you can only use those controls though

If this counts sometimes I play flowlab using the Internet explorer on my ps4 (It works!)