Positionssssss again :(

So I tried doing some examples or something or figuring out BUT I CANT , I just want it so it can save your postion.

And I have not much knowledge about saving, this is my first time.

Please send a screen shot to so I don’t have to decipher your words : (

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@hihilogic what was that game of yours where you said it was better than my Forge? 8-bit that example has the save position save in it somewhere.

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Ok, so when you come in contact with Arrow (or whatever object you want to act as a checkpoint) it will send an input into a Switch which will get the characters current X and Y, that will then go into two saves, one for X and one for Y (the switch turns itself off so you can go to a different checkpoint then come back to that one). All of that is in the red box. To load it up have a Once block get the X and Y from the Save behavior and put them into the character Position behavior.

If you don’t have checkpoints get rid of the Switch block and replace the Collision block with an Always block. Then put the Once block into 2 DIFFERENT save blocks which will go to character Position.

Should look like that.

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If you need anything else just ask and I’m happy to help.

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Hey I think your code might not be helping…
So anyways I want it so if you click on a TV it would save your game, I tried it with mail boxes and messages I still can’t get it work.

@CodeAlpaca ?

EDIT: Realized you started after I started and i’ve been in flowlab for like one year and you’re the better one : P

Do the exact same as the screenshot shows (the first one), but remove the Switch and replace the Collision with MouseClick. I made a forum account at the start of Dec, but I played for about 2-3 weeks in July before I stopped then restarted this Dec.

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