post any new games that you created and talk about here we will help you

talk all you want

hey have you tried any retro games

Who are you talking too and what discord?

its kind like discord but I will change it and the name I also wanted a conversation started

Um… Hello, everyone. Is this the group therapy I’ve been hearing about? No? Oh. Sorry.

I was just curious since no one was really talking.

I will start the conversation, or at least try to @drivera , so this is going to be my best shot:

What is your favorite game on FlowLab guys? What was the worst experience (Please don’t name people who made it, in fact, try to use constructive criticism to help try improve it)? You can leave comments below. Hopefully this works! Thanks!

thank you soo much

try this game you guys its amazing

It looks pretty nice, and feels VERY fun @drivera ! Where do you find these? I’ve played that other one, can’t remember what it is called, but it dealt with something with pants… Nonetheless, that game was amazing too (Though I liked the pants one more, since I like adventure games)!

i get them off chrome web store they have really good retro games

They’re great!

here a link to go and get some retro games

Thanks @drivera !

hey you should try my game on flowlab

What is it @drivera ? You could also post it in my discussion for a review as well: . Make sure to put a link, or title of game for me to look up. Thanks!

its this

ok i need your adivce on my game please

Darn it @rcreger got the request in first just using conversation! But still, i have something very similar which you could also send it too! Just paste the game link and I’ll get to it ASAP:

I got your game reviewed @drivera ! You can go check it out!

hey you guys havn’t been talikng so much sorry but now school has ended for me soo thanks