post any new games that you created and talk about here we will help you

try my unfinished game:

ok sure

You should start a review @drivera , it’s the new “thing” :lol:

I also want you to look at my game, A-Box, @drivera , which is nowhere done, but I am very happy as of how it looks at the moment. Here is the link:


Thanks, and if you could please give it a like, it would make me very happy. Good luck, and have a fantastic day!

Same with my game can you please give it a like!

Also it is on the second page and is close to the top so it will help it get to the first.

I’ve gotten through the “proof of concept” phase on my new work in progress:

Protector of the Purple Dunes (working title)

Please take a look at the first few levels and let me know what you think of the game play, navigation, graphics, etc. I want to compile some feedback before I dive into the next phase of development.

Im also looking for suggestions for enemies and for some guest cameos from other games.

The game looks awesome @todorrobot , and I like how it is kind of story…ish? But it is very interesting of the way how you can choose what you do next! Also, the sprites and animations look great as ever.