Potential to be Featured in an upcoming Game developed by Team Rezarg!

Calling out to all Flowlabbers! My Team is participating in the 2023 FlowJam! Unfortunately, we are short on time. Mind helping us out?
All you have to do is go onto this Google Form: https://forms.gle/sN1ULAkpE1qS12wL7 and you have the chance for your answer to be featured in-game! (And you, in the description, if you’d like).
All we’re asking for, is you to simply come up with a worthy name for a map-location(s). Go wild, be Creative!
Some important information is listed on the form, as well.
Once again, here’s the link to the Form:


ok hope it helps


and yes i researched words for this lol. I am very good at naming things


If you want to, I’ve just updated the form with a new question - the world name. Feel free to come up with something if you’re up to it. However we are only accepting One name in the end! So make sure yours is the best :slight_smile:


can you tell me more about the game so i can have an understanding of what to name the world


It’s a Metroidvania game, heavily inspired by Hollow Knight, where the Protagonist begins as a lost sould in the Refuge, saved by travelers. I can’t say much more without spoiling the game, but it’s a Metroidvania platformer similar to Hollow Knight


Responses have slowed down, and I just wanna say that submissions are still open, and there are still many unnamed locations!

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Hmmmm… The Dark Abyss?

Please use the google form so it’s easier to keep track of responses. If you don’t have discord, you can simply put your Username, or an Email if you’d like

Ok thank you for this information…